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News! News! News! 2nd PEZ Gathering Germany

GJD / pixabay.com
GJD / pixabay.com

hygiene regulations and current corona regulations

Hello Gathering attendees and PEZ friends,

Today I talked to the hotel about the hygiene regulations and the current corona regulations. Because of this, I would like to give some informaton and the program of the collectors' meeting has to be changed a bit.

Please bring proof of full vaccination protection or the corona infection you have survived. If both are not available, I ask you to make a fast test – I can tell you addresses in Hamm.

In the hotel and especially during room hopping, I ask you to wear protective masks! This can be dispensed with in the wintergarden.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to hold the collectors' fair in the winztergarden. Therefore, I would like to change the program so that the bingo takes place on Saturday afternoon before dinner and in the evening is a room hopping possible again or meeting at the bar. (The paid costs for the tables will of course be refund!)

I will post corresponding information on social media so that collectors who had planned to visit the fair exchange are informed.

I hope you understand my rescheduling, but unfortunately we haven't overcome the corona pandemic yet!

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